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Nico Issue 6 "Confessions: Eroticism in Media"
von Jens O. Brelle

In this issue, Nico takes a close look at the world of erotica in contemporary magazines. "Confessions: Eroticism in Media" engages in telling conversations with ten of the world's exciting magazine makers who have focused on filing a void while all valuing the power of wellmade images as an art form. "Confessions" takes a close an candid look at the historic evolution in the world of erotic magazines from their inception to today. "Confessions" takes the reader on a curated journey across 100 pages were he will be immersed in the world of ten photographers, illustrators an artists who share their intimate thoughts on the intricacies of their work. The topic is a vast and fascinating one and "Confessions" promises to be an enthralling guide to the best of what is and what has been.


Nico 6 - Confessions: Eroticism in Media


Editor in chief and Creative Director: Mike Koedinger


Deputy Editor: Angelina A. Rafii


Art Director: Maxime Pintadu


Writers: Sven Ehmann, Philippe Graff, Steven Gregor, Merel Kokhuis, Jeremy Leslie, Gintare Parulyte, Alice Pfeiffer, Angelina A. Rafii, Victor Zabrockis


Portrait Photography: Sébastien Agnetti, Andreas Larsson, Sandra Stein, MadsTeglers and Tania Theodorou.


Approx. 230 pages, 23 x 28 cm; 25 € (Europe)


Available around the world and online: www.NicoMagazine.com


Any bookstore worldwide can order Nico: ISBN 978-3-89955-438-0


Published by Maison Moderne - Independent Publishing and Media



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